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Special report on the Chinese example


Dr. 1 Li Fucheng, a famous TCM oncologist in China




Health is the eternal pursuit of mankind. To implement the Healthy China strategy is to safeguard people's health at the source. TCM embodies profound philosophical wisdom and thousands of years of health preservation concept and practical experience of the Chinese nation. It has a unique view of life, health, disease and prevention and treatment, and plays an irreplaceable role in a healthy China. Traditional Chinese medicine originated from the people and is based on the grass-roots level. Countless TCM people at the grass-roots level stick to the unique feelings of traditional Chinese medicine, solve many difficult diseases with unique thinking and methods, and write many legendary stories with their superb medical skills. Dr. Li Fucheng, a famous Chinese medicine oncology expert in China, is a banner of grassroots Chinese medicine. He leads his medical path with "essence" and "sincerity", persistently pursues, and inherits the belief of "benevolence, morality and morality" to protect the health of the people. He is the "gatekeeper" of the grass-roots people and the builder on the road of healthy China.




Li Fucheng, male, Guangxi Beiliu people, Guangxi Beiliu city 15th National People's Congress, member of China Anti-cancer Association Li Fucheng doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine! Member of Guangxi Anti-cancer Association, Li Fucheng, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine! China anti-cancer network Executive Chairman Li Fucheng doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine! Chinese Ming famous traditional Chinese medicine oncologist Li Fucheng doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine! Li Fucheng, vice president of China National Health Grassroots Health Personnel Working Committee, doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine! Chinese National Health Association training Department senior lecturer Li Fucheng doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine! Li Fucheng, director of Traditional Chinese Medicine Training Base of High Chinese Technology Health Industry Committee of Chinese National Health Association! Li Fucheng, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine! Li Fucheng, researcher of Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Center of Chinese Academy of Management Sciences, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine! Li Fucheng, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Executive Vice President of Popular Science Branch of Chinese Society of Ethnic Medicine! China Guangxi Li Fucheng Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman and General Manager Li Fucheng!

Using special anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine special prescription, after scientific extraction of essence and pure dew, the effect of drinking traditional Chinese medicine water increased more than 10 times! Professional challenge of tumor cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, difficult diseases!




Li Fucheng was born in Beiliu, Guangxi, a simple traditional Chinese medicine family. His ancestral home was Meizhou city, Guangdong Province. His ancestors moved to Guangxi in the Ming Dynasty. Li Fucheng graduated from high school in 1979 and worked in the government administration from 1979 to 1987. In 1989, the river's lake. To the world famous Buddhist holy land, namely Nalanda Temple in India for a year, the temple in the ancient Mageda King house near, built in 427 AD. The Chinese Tang monk to practice is also this Buddhist holy land, Nalantuo Temple. From 1990 to 1994, I went to Guangxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine for four years (at his own expense) to study, discuss medicine, pharmacy, Buddhism and profound foundation. From 1995 to 2004, after accepting the invitation, I went to a tumor center of a hospital in Guangdong Province, a tumor center of a hospital of Guangzhou Military Political Department, a hospital in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, a hospital in Liwan District, Guangzhou, and a tumor center of a hospital in Baiyun District, Guangzhou. Since 2004, in the provinces for folk cancer cancer patients, using special anticancer Chinese herbal medicine, combined with buddhist spell spell, treat tumor cancer, cardiovascular disease, uremia, stroke sequelae, femoral head necrosis, muscle cell necrosis, difficult disease, efficiency reached ninety-eight percent, welcomed by patients and their families.




On May 30,2019, in Beijing international conference center, China international service trade fair (Beijing rendezvous) plate of traditional Chinese medicine BBS venue, China association for the promotion of traditional Chinese medicine research branch annual meeting and the third international non-drug therapy seminar grand opening, all guests gathered, together, show the drug therapy in the great achievements in the past year. Adhering to the spirit of "openness, innovation, wisdom and integration" of the Beijing Fair, this non-drug therapy will upgrade and move forward. Through this seminar, we will study the new progress in the field of non-drug therapy, including policy, concept, technology and industrial development.



Professor Li Fucheng, a famous medical doctor in China, as an outstanding representative of China's traditional Chinese medicine industry, was also invited to attend this conference.



Li Fucheng in July 2018 won the international medical academic committee, international traditional exchange medical university awarded medical doctor degree certificate, excellent doctor world traditional medicine, won the world traditional medicine outstanding contribution award, was elected as standing director of Chinese national medicine society science branch, was named special cancer cancer cancer, cardio-cerebrovascular disease famous doctor.



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Member of China Anti-Cancer Association


Li Fucheng said, Formation of tumor cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, Is due to the excessive accumulation of endotoxins in the human body, Foris a lump and cancer, Symptoms, such as high blood concentration and vascular obstruction, And the formation of tumor cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular embolism death is not smooth, Severe obstruction can cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular rupture, Direct harm to life, World-wide recognized, Cancer, cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are death diseases, It's hard to overcome this big problem, But there are many private patients who have been sentenced to death by big hospitals, big experts and big professors, Without any hope, Come to the folk looking for folk Chinese herbal medicine treatment, Special effects, the ancestral secret recipe, Wonderful drug therapy, You will be survive, Get a complete healing and rebirth, This shows that it has always existed since ancient times, More advanced than today in scientific medicine, There are some folk masters, Master in the folk, It's not a myth.




Cancer cancer, cardiovascular disease toxin is along with the blood run in the whole body, so local treatment is incurable cancer cancer, cardiovascular disease, to completely cure, only using special anticancer Chinese herbal medicine, overall detoxification, kill cancer, elimination, achieve complete cure, is after three months after special anticancer Chinese herbal medicine, the hospital inspection, no cancer cells, tumor disappear, the indicators are normal, and healthy people.



In addition, with the Buddhist feng shui spell spell treatment, eliminate the disease of discrimination, many patients have the disease of impairment, is often dream of dead relatives, relatives to collect debts, have supernatural upper body, so that the patient's condition aggravated, it is difficult to see the treatment effect. Using buddhist feng shui spell spell cure, eliminate disease, disease and disease, general treated 8 days to see obvious effect is good, tumor shrinkage, improvement, immunity, appetite, hearing, see, practice is the only criterion of test truth, only take special anti-cancer Chinese herbal medicine, will see the effect is good, treatment of 100 patients, effective reached 98%, all kinds of cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic diseases, as long as the drug accurate and efficient, can quickly complete cure. Through repeated practice and application, the Buddhist feng shui spell spell treatment, always ahead of modern scientific medicine. According to historical records, Buddhism has a history of more than 10,000 years, and it is still widely adopted among the people and very popular. No is now scientific medicine.、


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Li Fucheng said, there are many folk prescription in folk, secret recipe, court, validation is a large treasure pavilion, waiting for people mining application, for social cancer, cerebrovascular disease, difficult chronic disease service, improve the level of medical skill, improve the quality of human life, for the benefit of human health and longevity to make greater contribution.



Using special anti-cancer Chinese medicine, professional challenge tumor cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, difficult and strange diseases!


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